Submitting rules and forms: more details


Authors log into the system, then you are taken to DashBoard

At DashBoard, click New Submission

In case you don't have an account, please register an account.


Step 1: Enter basic information about your article

    • Section: The field of the article
    • Submission Requirements: click agree to regulations
    • Comment for the Editor: Message to the Editor


Step 2: Authors upload the files attached to the article, including:

    - Manuscripts without Authors' list
    - Letter to the editorial board
    - Submission Information
    - Copyright certification
    - Others

      (Submitting rules and forms: more details)

    • 1. Upload File
      Article Component: The file types are listed above
      (*)if this is your first Upload Files, please use Manuscript as the priority

    • 2. Review Details
      Edit the filename (if necessary)


Step 3: The author enters descriptive data fields for the article

    • Prefix, Title, Runnning time title, Abstract

    • Contributor: Click Add Contributor to add participant and contribute to the study
    • Languages, Keywords: Enter keywords


 Step 4: Note: the authors should check all information before confirming submission and can go back to the previous steps.


 Step 5: Submission complete. The authors should note the following:

    • You will receive an notification email of the successful submission of your article.
    • You should check email regularly to be notified for article status and requirements in review process.
Other guide:
1. Update after submission:
- In case you need to cancel the submitted article to submit a new one:
(1)Access to the recently submitted article, In the Pre-Review section, Add discussion with the content requiring to cancel the article.
(2) Submit a new articles.
- In case you need to add or replace files:
(1) access to the recently submitted article, In the Pre-Review section, Add discussion.
(2) Upload a new file and leave a message to the Journal.
See detailed guide: Here.
2. Respond to requirement of Journal:
- Receive notification emails from Magazine with title New notification from JST-IUH.
- Access to the Website under the link in the email, see detailed requirements of the Journal.
- Reply by Add Message in Pre-Review.
See detailed guide: Here.