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Bùi Thư Cao
Ong Mẫu Dũng
Trần Mạnh Tiến


The online salinity meter for water is one of the most important devices in monitoring and managing water environment for aquaculture farms. The weakness of current salinity measurement devices is to use a method of directing contact with the water environment through ion exchange membranes in sensor electrodes. With this method, over time, the electrodes will be stained, rust and cause big errors for the measurement. To overcome this drawback, we propose to measure the salinity of water by contactless electrode method. This method uses radio waves to measure the dielectric constant of the water environment. Then, based on the relation between salinity with electrical constant, the water salinity is interpolated. With the proposed method, the sensor electrode antennas are coverd with plastic and embedded in water environment. Therefore, the proposed salinity measurement system is not affected
by stainning and rusting in water environment. So, it has high durability and stability and can be used continuously months without cleanning and maintenance.

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